Why us

Quality of eggs mostly depends on feeding, quality feed and feed formulation system. For proper growth, egg production and good health, poultry birds require energy and other nutrients;in order to obtain nutrient-rich desired quality eggs, it’s essential a laying hen receive a balanced diet with adequate levels of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. Most of these essential nutrients in our feed come from the natural sources like grains and seeds to meet up the demands of necessary nutrients. We don’t add any yolk colour enhancers, all the yellow in our egg yolk is from the corn in the birds’ diet. We feed our birds with vegetarian diet with herbal and probiotics additives, formulated by our expert to provide a balanced mix of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. We ensure high quality checks through physical and chemical evaluation of all our feed ingredients before utilizing it for feed formulation. As a result we get eggs that are free of odour, antibiotics, hormones and other residues.

Our birds are given ample space as per international standards to keep them healthy and comfortable thereby they get better immunity and are resistant to most pathogens, which keeps the birds stress free. We also keep the farms clean and provide clean and germ free water to our birds. We use Environment Protection Agency approved water sanitizers and disinfectants which are even approved for humans and leave no residues. We also practice faster egg collection for getting clean eggs and grading of eggs is done at farm level too, to ensure only best eggs are brought to market.

We ensure the product reaches the retail store within 2 days of laying

Eggs laid in farm are collected and dispatched on same day from farm to VN Poultry packaging unit at Hyderabad, after the first quality check at farm. Second quality check is conducted at packaging unit the next day before packing the eggs in retail unit packs. On same day the eggs are supplied to retailers to provide consumers with eggs fresh from our farm.

We closely monitor and control the logistics from farm till retail store, ensuring end to end quality maintenance. We own our transportation vehicles ensuring complete hygiene and quality control even during transportation of eggs. We transport our eggs under adequate conditions, ensuring no direct exposure to high temperatures and humidity to prevent faster ageing of eggs. This ensures that shelf life of eggs is maintained at 21 days from packing.