About us

The promoters are well educated individuals who came into farming with a vision to provide healthy food for consumers.

We are third generation Poultry Farmers with our layer operations set up in 1978 in a place called Tukkuguda, Srisailam Road, Hyderabad with 500 Chickens by Mr. Mandava Venkatadri, grandfather of our promoter Mr. Ashok. Later the operations were moved from Hyderabad to border area between Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh) and Ballari (Karnataka) to maintain the farms in an isolated and disease free area and to support employment in a drought affected area. The dry climate and isolated premises makes the chickens reared there less prone to diseases, and thereby giving an opportunity to raise them without antibiotics. Today we have Egg Laying Poultry Farms with capacity of 3.2 Lakh in the name Vijayanagar Egg Farm.

Promoters are practicing non-chemical farming since 2 decades, using herbal products like turmeric and garlic etc. Also, they are pioneers in using probiotics for enhancing animal health, and have been doing R&D painstakingly for more than 3 years to get odourless and antibiotic-free eggs.