Who doesn’t love eggs in breakfast? It is always the most delicious and the healthiest option to have some eggs in the breakfast. Eggs are also the best food before or after the workout or before going to work.

Now the question arises that which is healthier; a boiled egg or  fried egg ? Well, everyone has their own opinion. Some feel that a boiled egg is better while others would say that fried egg will be a healthier option. So, here in this post, we would discuss the nutritional values of both the type of eggs.

  • Calories and Fat

Fried egg is cooked either in oil or in butter, both of these are rich in fat. Hence, the Boiled egg take the lead. A large size of the boiled egg has around 78 calories and only 5.3 gram of fat, among these 5.3 Gram, 1.6 grams are saturated. While frying an egg, it raises the calories to almost 90 and fats is increased by around 1 Gram.

Moreover, if you apply cheese, the calories are increased way more. So, even if you choose to consume fried eggs over boiled eggs, Do not add cheese with it. Also, frying the eggs in butter will increase calories and fat amount. For instance, just two spoons of butter will add around 100 calories and 11.5 Gram of fat. Now, you can choose yourself, how to fry your eggs.

Healthier: Boiled Egg

  • Vitamin

When we compare the vitamin content of both these eggs, there is a portion of Vitamin A, B-12. There isn’t much difference between both of these in this case. Although, when you fry the egg, there may be a slight decrease in the vitamins, it is negligible and does not affect that much.

Healthier: Boiled eggs (Leads by small difference)

  • Minerals

Minerals also play an important role in maintaining your health. Frying or boiling does not affect the minerals. However, when you fry the egg, there is a little bit of increase in phosphorus. It is essential for Strong bones, and producing DNA. Again, this increase is also minute, nearly 1%, when compared to boiled eggs. Hence, fried eggs are better in terms of minerals.

Healthier: Fried Eggs

  • Digestive

Eating boiled eggs are more digestible. As the proteins strands are separated while heating and bonds break, which makes it easy to digest.

Healthier: Boiled eggs

Final Verdict

It is now clearly seen, boiled eggs are healthier. Although, except for calories and fats, there is not much difference you can notice. Remember, no matter how you cook it, they are still Eggs. So, you need to maintain the quality of the eggs you buy. It is always the best option to buy organic eggs within a couple of days they are laid. You can order these fresh and healthy eggs from Just Laid. They deliver it to you within 2 days of laying.

Coming back to the point, if you like boiled eggs, you should surely eat it, they are healthier. Although, if you like fried eggs better, it is better to eat fried eggs than no eggs at all.