Eggs are affordable and the most common forms of the foods in the world. These are the natural form of foods after vegetables and fruits, milk, lentils, beans, and etc. We all know since our young age that it contains all the proteins required by our body. We were told that it helps us grow taller, maintains our eye-health, and etc. They also, contain amino acids, iron, and antioxidants, and also, choline that helps you trim down. 

And yes, there are different types of eggs out there, but the farm eggs are free from any antibiotics, vaccines, and also, hormones. These eggs are kept natural as possible by providing a perfect diet to their hens. And these eggs are then dispatched the day they’re laid and reaches the store within two days. So these are basically if you are looking for safe and toxic free eggs, fresh farm eggs are the better choice! Let’s get to know what happens to your body when you start eating eggs daily.

Boosts Your Immune System

You must be wondering, what happens to your body when you start eating eggs daily? It is simple, the immune system is the most crucial part of our body. The stronger is it, the less likely we fall ill. Looking forward to strengthening your immune system? Why not start with eggs?

You can add an egg or two to your diet daily. It is known that a large egg has 22% of RDA of selenium, important to build a stronger immune system. It is important for a body whether children or adults to get the required selenium to avoid Keshan and Kashin-Beck disease, that affects the heart, bones, and joints. And the best thing, it regulates your thyroid hormone which is highly important for maintaining a healthy heart, weight, and cells in the body.

Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Eggs increase HDL that is the good cholesterol. This HDL particle removes the fat molecule from the artery walls created by the LDL also, known as the bad cholesterol. The bigger the LDL particles, the fewer chances of heart diseases, according to a study.

Therefore, eggs improve your cholesterol profile as one large contains about 212 mg of cholesterol, hence, raising the HDL while increasing the size of LDL. And the science is clear saying that 2 eggs per day are fine for anyone who wants to stay healthy.

Improves Your Fitness

An egg contains 15% of the RDA of vitamin B2, and out of this, 1/8th of this will be converted into fuel, which is used for produce energy. You can have eggs after an exercise or yoga session. According to dieticians, the best way to consume them is by mixing 5 egg whites with one egg. You can also, have them fried, scrambled, boiled, mixed into a shake as they are highly nutritious with proteins. 

The B-complex vitamins in eggs are highly beneficial or hair, skin, liver, and eyes. In addition to this, they also help in the better functioning of the nervous system.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Eggs can actually help you reduce stress and anxiety. A body needs 11 kinds of amino acids, and eggs have 9 amino acids. And daily consumption can reduce stress and anxiety. They definitely play a vital role in mental health.

According to a 2004 study, the participants were asked to add eggs to their diet. The result showed that these participants had their anxiety and stress toned down, and also, modulated serotonin level in their nervous system.

Well, folks, these were the highlights on what happens to your body when you eat eggs. Eggs are of course, quite important for our diet. And consuming every day, will not only make you healthy and fit but will you give you a healthy lifestyle. An excellent body is the one with a strong immune system, isn’t it?

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