Goodness of Just Laid Eggs

Antibiotic Free

When Antibiotic is consumed by human body when not required, it reduces the effectiveness of Antibiotics when they are really needed. By producing our brown eggs Antibiotic-free we ensure that we do not diminish the utility of Antibiotics in Human disease treatments.

Preventive use of Antibiotics 
We do not use any Antibiotics or Chemicals for growth promotion or for disease prevention that may leave residues in the eggs. We use Probiotics and Herbal products for preventing all bacterial diseases and a proprietary slow growth diet for preventing production stress on the chicken and thereby making them less vulnerable to disease.

Therapeutic Use of Antibiotics 
Fortunately we have not encountered such situation until now, but if we are forced to use Antibiotics because of any bacterial infection, we would discard all those eggs with residues for a period prescribed by FDA for such an Antibiotic and the same will be informed to our consumers though our social media reach. Our promoters’ aim is to make all eggs available in the market ‘Antibiotic Free’, for this purpose they have started a Probiotic Manufacturing and trading firm called CTGA Biopharma India Pvt Ltd, which is investing into State-Of-Art Biotechnology R&D to make animal products perfectly safe for human consumption. They want to stop even the therapeutic usage of Antibiotics by developing safe solutions for treatment of animal diseases.


Our eggs have No odour, so don’t stay back, have as many eggs as you want

To avoid use of antibiotics and chemicals, we use Probiotics and Herbal products for preventing all bacterial diseases and a proprietary slow growth diet for preventing production stress on the chicken and thereby making them less vulnerable to disease. We feed our birds with herbal vegetarian diet formulated by our expert to provide a balanced mix of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. This same proprietary diet, which took three years for our promoters to develop and clean handling of our eggs during collection and transport makes our Eggs Odourless.

With plenty of Omega3 Fatty Acids

Our Brown Eggs contain naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids,contributing an average of 180 mg per egg, 12% of Omega3 recommendation for men and 20% for women.They Lower Triglycerides as well.

Freshly sourced from Own Farm

The brown eggs coming to you from a reliable and experienced source like us are super healthy and nutritious. The fact that we get these eggs get from our own farms to your house in the shortestpossible time ensures that they are fresh and retain all their original goodness. Go ahead and enjoy the taste and health benefits of our brown eggs.

Guards against Cholesterol & Calories

Our eggs are rich in choline, which is a component of lecithin. Choline acts like a fat and cholesterol dissolver, and it keeps the cholesterol in the egg moving through your bloodstream so it can’t accumulate on artery walls.

Eggs are high in quality protein, with all the essential amino acids in the right ratios. Proteins being the main building blocks of the human body help you build muscles and burn more calories. Also, eggs are highly fulfilling and tend to make you eat fewer calories, helping you to lose weight.

Vegetarian Eggs

We bring you unfertilized eggs from birds fed on Vegetarian diet. Vegetarian diet ensures that the birds are disease free and as healthy as can be. This in turn results in our brown eggs being extremely nutritious with no harmful side effects for you.

Stronger Shells

Our genetically selected birds lay eggs with golden brown coloured shells, which hare naturally thicker and stronger. Additionally, our specially formulated feed ensures higher strength in egg shells. Stronger shells prevent breakage of eggs during transportation, hence preventing the probability of contamination of eggs. Also, it prevents breakage while carrying and boiling, leaving you happier with your intact eggs.

Nature’s Multivitamin

Our brown eggs are a single source of wide variety of vitamins. By being rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B 2, Vitamin B 5, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and also in Protein and Iodine these eggs contribute, in a big way, to your overall good health.