‘Why the name ‘Just Laid’ for your eggs?

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We had named our eggs 'Just Laid' because of two reasons. 1. Because we place our eggs in the shelves in less than 48 hours after the eggs are laid. 2. Because the high levels of antioxidants in our eggs keep them farm fresh for atleast 10 days after packing. So our 10th day egg

Are all other eggs available in the market bad

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No, some eggs available in market may be good and some may not, it's your luck. Few are good, ours are Better. As there are no regulations in India for Eggs, good quality & residue free eggs are just luck. But in case of Just Laid eggs quality and safety is guaranteed.

What is special about Just Laid eggs?

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Just Laid eggs are Unfertilized Brown Eggs, without any residues of Antibiotics and any other harmful chemicals, they are Odourless, freshly (within 48 hours of laying) sourced from our own farm. They are from chickens fed with 100% vegetarian diet.

Who is producing Just Laid eggs and where is the farm?

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Our farm producing Just Laid eggs is in Ballari, Karnataka. Our promoters’ family is in Egg production for the last 40 years and 3 generations. This generation is educated farming enthusiasts that believe in providing safe and hygienic food. Just Laid packaging unit is in Hyderabad.

How do we prevent diseases in our poultry farm?

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We use Herbal combinations and Probiotic combinations. We use Probiotic Bacteria (Beneficial Bacteria) which inhibit pathogen growth by competitive exclusion. These are similar to Yakult or Sporolac which are the probiotics used for Humans. We use different Probiotics for Chicken.

Many products claim being Antibiotic-free, what should we believe

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India doesn’t have Antibiotic-Free Certification by any government body, however there are NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accredited laboratories that conduct tests for presence of antibiotics in food products and provide test reports. You should always ask for these test reports. We do not use Antibiotics in Just Laid eggs farm.

Do all Eggs have baby chick inside?

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All white eggs available in the market are unfertilized, ie they do not have baby chick inside, but not all Brown Eggs. Brown eggs can be desi eggs or broiler hatching eggs or other Layer Breeds. Some Brown eggs available in market have a clearly identifiable baby chick inside with large blood spots; these are

Are Just Laid eggs Desi (Country) eggs?

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No, our chickens are of American Breed, being raised commercially with the advice of American veterinarians. Desi Eggs have chick inside it as they are fertilized. Just Laid eggs are unfertilized and there is no baby chick inside.

What are Organic eggs and why are Just Laid eggs not organic?

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To gain 'Organic' status two conditions are mandatory; first, we need to feed organic feed which is practically not possible because of non-availability in abundance and high cost; additionally, the chickens have to be raised on floors (on their excreta) which may not be hygienic and safe for the consumers. Eggs laid on floors also