Egg Tacos

Want to try making a Mexican food? Egg Taco is a perfect Mexican food, if you are looking for something healthy and delicious, try making this today! This recipe is easy to prepare. It has radish, avocados, cilantro, all these to make your breakfast healthy. Make these breakfast tacos part of your morning meals.

Nutrition Value :
Fat14.9 g
Sodium78 mg
Carbs16.2 g
Sugar1.1 g
Protein8.1 g
Ingredients :

> 4 corn tortillas

> 4 eggs

> 1 jalapeno (chopped)

> 2 scallion stalks (thinly sliced)

> 1 avocado (sliced)

> Cilantro (chopped)

> Hot sauce

> 1 lime

Method :

1. Take a large skillet, and char the tortillas until each side is brown.

2. Wrap them in an aluminum foil and keep them aside

3. Take a bowl and add 4 eggs, jalapeno, and scallion. Whisk them thoroughly.

4. Add salt and pepper.

5. Take a normal skillet, and add the egg mixture.

6. Scramble them and remove from the heat until they’re brown

7. Divide the eggs into four tortillas.

8. Garnish this with radish, avocados, and some cilantro.

9. Add the hot sauce on top with some lime juice.

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